Emeritus Scientists and Engineers

Argonne's world-class scientists have achieved national and international recognition, including:

  • Three Nobel Prizes,
  • 119 R&D 100 Awards,
  • More than 700 national and international awards and honors, and
  • More than 800 patents.

In 2006, Argonne created a new honorary status for qualified scientists and engineers. The title of "Emeritus," conferred at the time of a scientist's or engineer's retirement, is intended to recognize the individual's contributions to the laboratory. This title is to be granted only to the most distinguished of scientists and engineers. Individuals whose primary contribution was in a scientific discipline will be conferred with the title of Argonne Emeritus Scientist, and those whose primary contribution was in an engineering discipline will be conferred with the title of Argonne Emeritus Engineer.

The eligible retiree must first be nominated by the cognizant division director or associate division director and then approved through the Programmatic and Operations Committee's hires and promotions process. Factors to be considered are educational level, grade level at retirement, years of service at the laboratory, scientific/engineering accomplishments, and recognition by the national and international scientific community as evidenced by awards received by the individual. Awarding of the Emeritus title also requires approval of the Argonne Director. The title is initially bestowed for a five-year term and may be renewed in one-year terms.

Emeritus status has been bestowed upon the following individuals:

  • Ayres, David S.
  • Bader. Samuel D.
  • Berkowitz, Joseph
  • Carpenter, John M.
  • Derrick, Malcolm
  • Felcher, Gian
  • Fields, Thomas
  • Gruen, Dieter
  • Henning, Walter F.
  • Kaper, Hans
  • Kaufmann, Elton
  • Lusk, Ewing (Rusty)
  • MorĂ©, JorgĂ©
  • Schiffer, John
  • Schultz, Arthur
  • Shenoy, Gopal
  • Teng, Lee C.
  • Thurnauer, Marion
  • Wos, Lawrence