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Four named as 2018 Enrico Fermi Fellows

Fri, 2018-06-22 13:29

Gwanghui Ha, Xu Zhang, Sarah Wolff and Nigel Becknell have been named 2018 Enrico Fermi Fellows.

The Named Fellowship Program brings early-career researchers to Argonne who have demonstrated promise to become leaders in their fields. Fellows spearhead independent research that supports the laboratory’s mission and work closely with an Argonne sponsor to pursue their research interests.

“It is my pleasure to welcome this year’s Enrico Fermi Fellows to Argonne,” said Laboratory Director Paul Kearns. “These fellows, along with the entire Argonne community and visiting researchers, enable Argonne to make a lasting impact on society.  We look forward to the advancements that these fellows will make in their fields of research.”

This year’s fellows are:

Gwanghui Ha, who will work in the Wakefield Accelerator Group of the High Energy Physics Division. His research will focus on the experimental control of the electron beam current profile based on the phase space exchange. His research will demonstrate the generation of two major current distributions using a newly introduced method called phase space exchange. This research will establish the feasibility and utility of the new method to potentially impact future accelerators.

“We are all excited to see that Gwanghui has been selected as a 2017 Enrico Fermi Fellow and are looking forward to his arrival,” said John Power (HEP). “His innovative research will add new critical capabilities to the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Facility in the areas of phase space exchange and temporal shaping of relativistic electron beams.”

“We expect his research on temporal shaping will have far-reaching applications from advanced accelerator concepts (e.g. enhanced beam-driven Wakefield accelerators), small-footprint light sources (e.g. compact coherent accelerator based sources) and beyond (e.g. manipulation of hadron beams).”

Gwanghui Ha received his Ph.D. in physics from Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea. His research interest is electron beam phase space manipulation. His work has important applications to the topics of collinear Wakefield acceleration and beam diagnostics.

Xu Zhang, who will join the Nanoscience and Technology Division (NST).  Zhang aims to integrate atomically thin 2D-materials-based soft electronics into soft robots to create a new paradigm of “smart soft robots” featured with “smart skin” and reconfigurable/programmable bodies.

“Xu’s vision of developing soft machines will have a tremendous impact among a variety of fields in fundamental and applied science. By leveraging the unique properties of 2D materials, these machines will have reconfigurable bodies enabling them to sense and adapt to the environment while harvesting energy from it,” said Daniel Lopez (NST).  “The project is well aligned with Department of Energy goals and moves Argonne toward a leadership role in scalable materials synthesis and integration of materials into devices.”

Zhang is currently working as a postdoctoral associate in the Microsystems Technologies Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He obtained his Ph.D. and M.S. degree from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. He received his B.S. degree in physics from the University of Science and Technology of China.

Sarah Wolff, who will work in the Energy Systems Division. Her studies focus on the underlying physics of laser-material interactions in both subtractive and additive processes and their influence on resulting microstructure and mechanical behavior.

Wolff plans to address the overarching challenge of characterizing unique phase transformations of additively manufactured molten metallic alloys with in-situ X-ray imaging and diffraction to understand and control for the underlying physical phenomena driving such rapid and directional solidification.

Wolff is a Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering at Northwestern University. She holds a B.S. degree in environmental engineering from Northwestern.

Nigel Becknell works in the Energy Conversion and Storage group in the Materials Science Division. His fellowship research will center on designing hollow macrostructures built from nanocrystal building blocks for applications at electrochemical interfaces. He has a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.

“Nigel will further advance utilization of fundamental properties of materials through high precision synthesis of materials for energy storage and conversion at the level that hasn’t been achieved at Argonne or elsewhere. His approach has potential to create a new generation of real-world materials with additional options for the fine tuning of their functional properties,” said Vojislav Stamenkovic (MSD).




Register today for the Sponsored Programs Information Network info session

Thu, 2018-06-21 15:26

The Technology Commercialization and Partnerships Division invites you to register for a presentation by David McCallum, new opportunity development manager, on the Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN) tool.

The presentation will take place at 11 a.m. on Thursday, July 19, 2018, in the Building 203 Auditorium.

SPIN is advertised as the world’s largest searchable database of funding opportunities, and it is available to all Argonne researchers. SPIN offers more than 40,000 opportunities from more than 10,000 sponsors, including favorites such as the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health and others. The SPIN database also includes information on a wide variety of potential new sponsors.

SPIN features a fast, capable search engine. Users can filter results, save searches and automatically run searches and receive updates.

Given the level of competition there is around pursuing funding opportunities and the evolving priorities within DOE, many Argonne staff are seeking new forms of funding or are simply looking to put themselves in the best position to capture funding. SPIN can be a valuable tool in those efforts.

If you have questions, please contact McCallum via email or by phone at ext. 2-4338

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Update ‘’ email addresses

Thu, 2018-06-21 10:24

In 2017, the email addresses of U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) personnel located on the Argonne campus changed from to  Outlook automatically forwarded emails for several months, however that no longer occurs.

Employees should check their personal address or contacts books for DOE emails addresses and change any suffixes to

Machine Learning and High Performance Computing Journal Club meeting

Thu, 2018-06-21 09:00

The ML/HPC Journal Club will hold its monthly meeting on Wednesday, June 27, 2018, at 10 a.m. in Building 240, Room 1407.  Join us for two brief presentations from Argonne researchers.

Eric Schwenker (NST) will speak on “Inversion of Electron Microscopy Images using Atomistic Simulations and Computer Vision.”

Adam Szymanski (SSS) will present “Using Machine Learning at the Edge for Wide-area Unmanned Aerial System Detection.”

For additional information, contact Noah Paulson (AMD) or Ganesh Sivaraman (CPS).

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Tell us what you think about BlueJeans

Wed, 2018-06-20 16:00

Business and Information Systems (BIS) reviews the services they provide to the laboratory to ensure they are adding value and to identify improvement opportunities. As part of their review of Argonne’s video, web and audio conferencing service, BlueJeans, BIS is asking for your help.

Between now and July 6,  please take a survey to provide feedback about your experience using this tool.  Your input is valuable as we establish the future of the video, web and audio conferencing service.

Student Operations Team provides centralized support for students, mentors and lab employees

Wed, 2018-06-20 11:27

Argonne’s new Student Operations Team brings together expertise from across the lab to help meet students’ needs, including responding to incidents and addressing concerns that arise during the summer intern season. This team serves as a single-point contact for students, mentors and lab employees to share concerns and issues related to the students, and provides a comprehensive approach to managing and supporting students.

Led by Manager of Educational Programs and Outreach Meridith Bruozas (HRS), the team members represent all key areas of operations that intersect with individuals within student programs.

Represented divisions and team members:

  • Human Resource Services
    • Education – Lisa Reed, Undergraduate/Graduate Lead
    • Employee Relations – Darryl Howe, Manager, Employee and Labor Relations
  • Infrastructure Services
    • Transportation – Greg Jonas, Associate Division Director Site Services
    • Onsite Housing – Betsy O’Connor, Project Manager
    • Onsite Housing – Dena Reetz, Facility Amenities Administrator
    • Security – Eddy Mullins, Security Operations Coordinator
  • Health, Safety and Environment
    • Safety – Steve Rupkey, Environment, Safety and Health Leader
    • Safety – Bryan Wozny, Deployed Safety Services Manager
    • HEW – Jamie Stalker, Director, Health and Employee Wellness
  • General Counsel
    • Dan Raker, Senior Attorney, Labor & Employment

If you have any concerns, questions or needs related to students and programs focused on students, email

Onsite oil change service June 28

Wed, 2018-06-20 09:00

Mobile Lube Express will be on campus Thursday, June 28, 2018, providing convenient, onsite oil change service for employees.

Employees can drop their vehicles off for service anytime between 8 a.m. and noon at the raised portion of the Building 200 Parking Lot (kitty-corner to Building 205) and pick up their vehicle later in the afternoon.

To register for service, complete the pre-registration form and send it to Mobile Lube Express by fax at (847) 469-8425 by Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

Mobile lube Express offers three different packages which can service most Asian and domestic vehicles. To determine which package is appropriate for your vehicle, you need to know what oil viscosity the manufacturer recommends for your vehicle.

While appointments are recommended, Mobile Lube accepts walk-up customers if there is availability. Please bring a completed pre-registration form.

Note: Credit card information can also be taken onsite, if preferred, but the registration form should still be faxed by May 23 to ensure a reservation.

2018 oil change schedule

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Safety share: 7 tips to avoid insect stings and bites

Tue, 2018-06-19 14:00

It’s summertime, and the bitin’ is easy…for a mosquito or tick, that is. The key to avoiding mosquitos and ticks—and the diseases they transmit—is prevention, prevention, prevention.

Here are seven tips from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to keep pests from robbing you of summer fun:

  1. Treat clothing (also tents, sleeping bags and other outdoor gear) with permethrin, a repellent that can last for up to six weeks/six washings. Once sprayed on, it kills ticks and mosquitos upon contact with the treated clothing.
  2. Apply repellent regularly (do not use permethrin directly on the skin, just on clothing).
  3. Wear light-colored clothing to cover up (long-sleeved shirts, long pants and socks).
  4. Avoid areas that have a high density of mosquitos.
  5. Eliminate or at least mitigate places where standing water tends to collect around your home.
  6. If you use water in landscaping features, keep it moving if at all possible.
  7. Check yourself daily (your entire body) for ticks and remove them immediately.

Please print this information and use it to help kick off a team discussion at your next meeting with colleagues and/or staff.

All employees are encouraged to submit safety shares for inclusion in the Safety Share Library, available on Box. Submission details are available on Inside Argonne.

Each month a safety share submitted by an individual will be selected to receive a Spot Award for demonstrated safety leadership. The Spot Award program offers three award levels: gold ($100), silver ($50) and bronze ($25).

By Andrea Manning (BIS)

Sign up for the WIST Computing mailing list

Tue, 2018-06-19 11:11

The WIST Subcommittee on Computing promotes networking among women within computing at Argonne, as well as organizes Argonne’s presence at the Grace Hopper Women in Computing conference and communicates networking and outreach opportunities for the Association of Computing Machinery, Hour of Code and Argonne’s Cyber Defense Competition.

Interested employees can subscribe to the mailing list here. For more information, contact Jennifer Fowler at or Liza Booker.

Andy Weir author of ‘The Martian’ to speak at Argonne

Tue, 2018-06-19 10:13

Andy Weir

Through a partnership with Northern Illinois University’s STEM read program and Argonne Educational Programs, author Andy Weir, of “The Martian” and “Artemis,” will visit Argonne on Thursday, June 28, 2018.  Weir will speak about his path to publishing and share how current STEM research influences his science fiction.

Three presentations, each directed to a specific audience, will be held throughout the day at the Building 402 APS Auditorium. Registration is required.

  • “I’m Going to Science the S*** Out of This!”
    Audience: Argonne interns
    noon-1 p.m.
    Register online
  • “Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact: How Reseach Inspires Fiction”
    Audience: Argonne staff
    3-4 p.m.
    Register online
  • “Future Telling: Imagining and Creating a Better World”
    Audience: Public event for teens and parents
    6-8 p.m. Register online.

For additional information, contact Jessica Dietzel, Education Outreach lead.

20-minute class: ‘Head over Heels for Healthy Feet and Ankles’

Tue, 2018-06-19 10:00

Learn how to improve your fitness without risking injury at the “Head over Heels for Healthy Feet and Ankles” class Tuesday, June 26, 2018, at 12:15 p.m. in the Building 402 Lower Level Gallery.

Led by Health and Employee Wellness Physical Therapist Assistant Joni Garcia, participants will learn stretching and strengthening techniques and shoe buying tips.

All are welcome to attend and bring their lunches. There is no cost or registration required.

Participants will earn 1,000 Virgin Pulse points for attending this course. Virgin Pulse points count towards Argonne’s Incentivized Wellness Program.

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