Argonne National Laboratory

LaVaun Bowling

October 6, 2014

LaVaun Bowling is a freshman at Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, Ill., where she studies biology. As an intern within the Chicago Scholars Argonne Future Research Program, LaVaun performed research this summer within Argonne’s Environmental Sciences division. Her research centered on processing water temperature data taken from the Flaming Gorge Dam along the Colorado River in Utah.

“I feel like it is a very prestigious opportunity,” said Bowling. “This internship was something that helped me understand what I want to be in the future and study in college.”

In her Intern Spotlight video, at right, Bowling talks about working at Argonne, transitioning from high school to college and saving the Colorado Pike Minnow.

“Inspiring our best and brightest students towards STEM careers is imperative,” said Meridith Bruozas, manager of educational programs and outreach at Argonne. “Chicago Scholars is an ideal partner because it helps identify student talent for STEM fields and gives them tools to help ensure their success.”

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