Argonne National Laboratory

Lithium-ion electrolyte material process scale-up

April 1, 2011

Scientists at Argonne have recently developed an improved, scalable process for the synthesis of the lithium-ion battery overcharge protection redox shuttle (ANL-RS2) and have successfully generated 1,576g of material in a single batch. This is the first material scaled-up by Argonne's new Advanced Battery Materials Synthesis and Manufacturing R&D Program. The initial complex, hazardous and time consuming process used to synthesis ANL-RS2 was not scalable, with the largest batch run resulting in less than 1g of material. And, the use of the initial process to synthesize 1kg of material would have resulted in over 2000L of waste solvents and the generation of 240L of highly flammable hydrogen gas as a by-product. The improved process generated less than 45L of waste and did not generate any hydrogen. More »