Argonne National Laboratory

Superconducting cavity for ATLAS upgrade achieves world-record accelerating field

May 1, 2011

The prototype superconducting (SC) cavity for the ARRA-funded efficiency and intensity upgrade of the ATLAS facility has undergone first testing. This cavity was developed and built in just 17 months, a record for a cavity of such complexity. Initial tests demonstrate the highest performance achieved to date for this class of cavity: The accelerating voltage of four million volts (4 MV) is roughly four times higher than that reported for the best cavities of this type currently in operation at any facility worldwide. Also, this demonstrated 4-MV accelerating voltage substantially exceeds the 2.5-MV design voltage. SC cavities with such performance provide the best solution, not only for the ATLAS upgrade, but also for the next generation of ion linacs to be used in basic (e.g., FRIB) and applied science and technology. More ยป