Argonne National Laboratory

Symposium to focus on next-generation solar energy technology

February 1, 2008

ARGONNE, Ill. — The future of global energy, next-generation solar cells, artificial photosynthesis and thermoelectric materials are the central topics at the Argonne-Northwestern Solar Energy Research Center's (ANSER) inaugural symposium, to be held Feb. 12-13 at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill.

The conference will open with an evening public lecture, “The Global Energy Perspective,” by Nathan Lewis of Caltech. Other prominent speakers represent Argonne, Northwestern, MIT and the University of Uppsala (Sweden).

The conference offers scientists and members of the public an opportunity to learn about exciting new technologies and methods that might transform America's energy future and ease the country's dependence on oil and other fossil fuels, said Materials Science Division Director George Crabtree.

"Solar energy represents one of the most significant sources of alternative energy," Crabtree said. "This conference will showcase new technologies and methods designed to capture and convert it."

There is no fee to attend the symposium; those interested in attending should contact Christina Maki at