Argonne National Laboratory

Life at Argonne
What’s it like to work at Argonne?

You’ve come to a place where innovation, excellence and ideas are valued and a team focus leads to Argonne’s most groundbreaking discoveries. As you tour the lab, you’ll notice the green, wooded grounds similar to a university campus. Facilities are attractive and modern, and staff works with the latest technology to get research done. You’ll see groups of employees working, talking and walking together. In most positions, attire is casual and you’ll note the emphasis is on work excellence in a relaxed atmosphere. As well as your day-to-day work, you can participate in social and outreach activities to fill out your life. Your family can be included. Working at Argonne is a lifestyle.

Employee Spotlights

As an innovator and groundbreaker, you'll fit right in at Argonne. Our employees are "the best of the best."


Argonne offers a broad range of services that help make your work day the most productive it can be.

Social Activities

Argonne's social activities help you achieve a positive work-life balance—and network with colleagues.