Argonne National Laboratory

Work-Life Balance

Balancing work and life means prioritizing what is important to you. Argonne supports employees who want to coordinate work, home and community activities. Lab-provided benefits that help you do that include on-site child care, a credit union, flexible work schedules, generous leave and vacation programs, and much more. A wide variety of social clubs at Argonne promote fellowship and diversity. You can work at Argonne and also have a life of interest and fulfillment.

"I have good work-life balance. I spend my workday devoted to my work, and when I go home, I’m able to have a life outside work. I used to play soccer, so I’m looking to join a women’s soccer team in the Chicago suburbs." – Emily Wolters, Nuclear Engineer

Argonne understands that employment decisions often involve your partner’s career, too. Argonne is a co-founder of the Greater Chicago Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (GC HERC) which has a special emphasis on dual careers. Argonne posts all open positions to GC HERC, as do all other member institutions. Couples can make a life in Chicagoland – together.

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