Argonne National Laboratory

Maria K. Y. Chan

Assistant Scientist, Center for Nanoscale Materials & Fellow, Computation Institute, The University of Chicago


  • BSc, Physics and Applied Mathematics, University of California at Los Angeles
  • PhD, Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research topics

  • first principles and atomistic modeling of nanomaterials and renewable energy materials, including photovoltaics, energy storage, photo- and electro-catalysts, thermal transport, and thermoelectrics
  • development of first principles and informatics approaches for materials property prediction
  • methodology and software development for integrating atomistic modeling and experimental measurements

You can watch my Argonne Outloud presentation "From Atoms to Clean Energy Technologies" here.

Current projects


Current postdoctoral associates

Current doctoral student

  • Mr Eric Schwenker (Northwestern University, co supervised with Professor Chris Wolverton)
  • Mr Joseph Kubal (visiting from Purdue University)
  • Ms Lynza Sprawl (visiting from Oregon State University)

Current research assistants

  • Mr Mutian (Josh) Liu
  • Mr Spencer Hills

Former postdoctoral associates

  • Dr Denise Ford (Currently a Provost Fellow at Duke University)
  • Dr Alper Kinaci (Google Scholar)(LinkedIn)(Now at Northwestern University)

Former doctoral student

  • Dr Chris Buurma (Now at Sivananthan Laboratories)

Former research assistant

  • Ms Karen Zheng (Now at UIUC)
  • Ms Jessi Hartman (UCDavis)
  • Ms Amy Wey (Cornell University)

Postdoctoral and internship positions are currently available. Please contact me if interested.