Argonne National Laboratory

Staff Directory

Name Title E-mail
Arslan, Ilke Group Leader, Electron & X-ray Microscopy
Photo of Anthony Avarca Avarca, Anthony Enterprise Architect
Basu, Anindita (Oni) Assistant Scientist (Joint Appointment), Assistant Professor, Genetic Medicine, The University of Chicago
Bhattacharya, Anand Physicist
Photo of Haogang Cai Cai, Haogang Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Daniel Lopez)
Cai, Zhonghou Physicist
Photo of Dean Carbaugh Carbaugh, Dean Senior Technician
Photo of Henry Chan Chan, Henry Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Subramanian Sankaranarayanan)
Photo of Maria K.Y. Chan Chan, Maria K. Y. Scientist, Center for Nanoscale Materials, Fellow, Computation Institute, The University of Chicago
Photo of Hua Chen Chen, Hua Principal ESH/QA Specialist
Photo of Zhaowei Chen Chen, Zhaowei Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Elena Rozhkova)
Curtiss, Larry Argonne Distinguished Fellow
Photo of David Czaplewski Czaplewski, David Scientist
Photo of Pierre Darancet Darancet, Pierre Assistant Scientist, Center for Nanoscale Materials, Fellow, Northwestern Argonne Institute for Science and Engineering
Darling, Seth Director, Institute for Molecular Engineering, Scientist
Diroll, Benjamin Argonne Scholar - Director's Postdoctoral Fellow (Supervisor, Richard Schaller)
Photo of Ralu Divan Divan, Ralu Chemist
Photo of David Eckstein Eckstein, David Principal Application Developer
Photo of Laurie Eichberger Eichberger, Laurie Executive Secretary
Photo of Julie Emery Emery, Julie User Program Coordinator
Photo of Brandon Fisher Fisher, Brandon Engineering Specialist Senior
Photo of H. Christopher Fry Fry, H. Christopher Scientist
Photo of David Gosztola Gosztola, David Scientist
Photo of Stephen Gray Gray, Stephen Group Leader and Senior Scientist, Theory and Modeling
Photo of Katie Carrado Gregar Gregar, Katie Carrado Associate Director, CNM User Programs & Operations
Guest, Jeffrey Physicist
Guha, Supratik NST Division Director
Guisinger, Nathan Materials Scientist
Photo of Peijun Guo Guo, Peijun Argonne Scholar - ANL Named Postdoc (Enrico Fermi Fellow); (Supervisor, Richard Schaller)
Photo of Saw Wai Hla Hla, Saw Wai Group Leader, Quantum & Energy Materials
Holt, Martin Scientist, Nanoscience
Jin, Dafei Scientist
Photo of Yu Jin Kim Kim, Yu Jin Argonne Scholar - ANL Named Postdoc (Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellow); (Supervisor, Gary Wiederrecht)
Photo of Rachel E. Koritala Koritala, Rachel E. Scientific Associate
Kovi, Kiran Kumar Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Ani Sumant)
Lee, Joonseok Argonne Scholar - Director's Postdoctoral Fellow (Supervisor, Elena Roshkova)
Photo of Kendra Letchworth-Weaver Letchworth-Weaver, Kendra Argonne Scholar - ANL Named Postdoc (Annesur Rahman); (Supervisor, Maria Chan)
Photo of Liang Li Li, Liang Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Maria Chan)
Lin, Jianqiang (Jerome) Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Supratik Guha)
Photo of Xiao-Min Lin Lin, Xiao-Min Scientist, Joint Staff, James Franck Institute, University of Chicago
Liu, Haihua Assistant Scientist
Liu, Yuzi Assistant Scientist
Loeffler, Troy Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Subramanian Sankaranarayanan)
Lopez, Daniel Group Leader, Nanofabrication & Devices
Ma, Xuedan Assistant Scientist
Mannodi-Kanakkithodi, Arun Kumar Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Maria Chan)
Photo of Scott Massow Massow, Scott Assistant Facility Manager
McNulty, Ian Senior Scientist
Photo of Suzanne Miller Miller, Suzanne Engineering Specialist Senior
Photo of Rachel Mirelez Mirelez, Rachel Administrative Secretary
Photo of Kalyan Mutyala Mutyala, Kalyan Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Anirudha Sumant)
Photo of Deborah O'Rourke O'Rourke, Deborah NST Assistant Division Director
Otten, Matthew Argonne Scholar - ANL Named Postdoc (Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellow); (Supervisor, Stephen Gray)
Photo of Tarak Patra Patra, Tarak Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Subramanian Sankaranarayanan)
Rajh, Tijana Argonne Distinguished Fellow, Deputy Director
Photo of Volker Rose Rose, Volker Physicist
Photo of Daniel Rosenmann Rosenmann, Daniel Principal Engineering Specialist
Roux, Benoit Senior Scientist (Joint Appointment) & Professor, The University of Chicago
Photo of Elena Rozhkova Rozhkova, Elena Scientist
Sankaranarayanan, Subramanian Scientist
Photo of Richard Schaller Schaller, Richard Scientist & Asst Professor, Northwestern University
Shevchenko, Elena Scientist
Photo of Nozomi Shirato Shirato, Nozomi Assistant Physicst
Photo of Gleiciani de Queiros Silveira Silveira, Gleiciani de Queiros Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Chris Fry)
Photo of Liliana Stan Stan, Liliana Engineering Specialist Senior
Photo of Michael Sternberg Sternberg, Michael Senior Scientific Associate
Stewart, Eugene Technician Sr.
Photo of Eva Stringer Stringer, Eva Administrative Secretary
Photo of Anirudha Sumant Sumant, Anirudha Scientist
Talapin, Dmitri Scientist (Joint Appointment), Professor, Chemistry, University of Chicago
Photo of Kathryn Tietz Tietz, Kathryn Administrative Secretary
Photo of Ronald Tollner Tollner, Ron Manager, Building & Systems Operations
Photo of Kathy Vanoskey Vanoskey, Kathy Administrative Secretary
Photo of Lifen Wang Wang, Lifen Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Ilke Arslan)
Photo of Jianguo Wen Wen, Jianguo Materials Scientist
Wiederrecht, Gary Nanophotonics & Biofunctional Structures Group Leader, Senior Scientist
Wood, Marcia A. Group Leader, Information Solutions and Technology Assurance
Photo of Yimin Wu Wu, Yimin Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Yuzi Liu)
Photo of Yi Xia Xia, Yi Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Maria Chan)
Photo of Judith Yaeger Yaeger, Judi Technician Sr.
Yang, Hao-Cheng Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Seth Darling)
Zhang, Rui Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Jeff Guest)
Photo of Xufeng Zhang Zhang, Xufeng Assistant Scientist
Zhang, Yuan Postdoctoral Appointee (Supervisor, Saw Wai Hla)