Argonne National Laboratory

Andrew Jansen

Chemical Engineer
- Chemical Sciences and Engineering

Andrew Jansen is a chemical engineer in Argonne’s Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division who plans and conducts goal-oriented research and development on advanced battery systems; providing technical guidance and program direction. His work includes evaluating developmental cells/batteries with an emphasis on cell chemistry and hardware development for lithium-based battery chemistries for transportation applications.

Jansen also proposes and implements new approaches and contributes as project leader/principal investigator on various applied electrochemical programs. His background includes extensive hands-on experience in working with various types of equipment needed for a successful lithium battery research facility, including glove boxes, power supplies/cyclers, data acquisition hardware, analytical instruments, and experimental test fixtures.

Awards, Honors, and Memberships

  • Active member of the Electrochemical Society
  • Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. 4th Annual External Collaboration Award, 2006
  • Argonne National Laboratory Quality and Safety Recognition Award, 2006 and 2008
  • University of Virginia Fellowship, 1988
  • Dow Chemical Outstanding Junior Chemical Engineer Award, 1985

Publications & Patents

  • Patent Application filed October 28, 2010, entitled: “Amorphous Titania/Carbon Composite Electrode Materials” by John T. Vaughey, Andrew N. Jansen, and Christopher D. Joyce
  • Patent Application filed on June 30, 2009, entitled: “Electrolytes for Lithium Ion Batteries” by John T. Vaughey, Andrew N. Jansen, and Dennis W. Dees.
  • Patent No. US 6,221,531 B1 awarded on April 24, 2001, entitled “Lithium-Titanium-Oxide Anodes for Lithium Batteries” by John T. Vaughey, Michael M. Thackeray, Arthur J. Kahaian, Andrew N. Jansen, and Chun-hua Chen.
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