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Frank Collart

Molecular biologist
- Biosciences

Frank R. Collart is a molecular biologist and manages a research program that seeks to understand the molecular basis by which microbial organisms and communities sense the environment and respond to this sensory input. The program is based on capabilities and expertise in protein production and characterization and emphasizes the development of new approaches for specific functional analysis of proteins.  

He is currently the Research Coordinator of the Scientific Focus Area Program: Molecular Mechanisms Mediating Environment Sensing and Response. This program for the Department of Energy focuses on the discovery of sensory, regulatory, and metabolic networks and pathways in microbial and plant systems.

Dr. Collart joined Argonne in 1984 and began to examine the molecular events that mediate differentiation and signal transduction in leukemia cells. During his tenure at Argonne, Dr. Collart has served as manager of the Robotic Molecular Biology Facility in the Biosciences Division and the Cloning and Expression Group Leader for the Midwest Center for Structural Genomics. 

As head of the Protein Production Group of the Midwest Center for Structural Genomics, Dr. Collart also developed automated protocols for the high throughput generation and analysis of bacterial expression clones.  He has also directed a research program for the Department of Energy that focuses on the development of genome scale methods for cloning and expression of proteins.

Awards, Honors & Memberships

  • Member of the American Society for Microbiology
  • Member of Sigma Xi
  • Member of the International Society for Microbial Ecology

Selected Publications

Michalska, K., Chang. C., Osipiuk, J., Mack, J.C., Zerbs, S., Joachimiak, A. and Collart, F.R. Structural and functional characterization of transport proteins for aromatic compounds derived from lignin: benzoate derivative binding proteins. Journal of Molecular Biology,  In Press.

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