Argonne National Laboratory

Matthew Mahalik

Software Developer
- Global Security Sciences

Matthew Mahalik’s work focuses on the design, implementation and application of computer modeling tools which are used extensively by Argonne and other domestic and international organizations for energy, economic, and environmental applications ranging from real-time operations to long-term planning and analysis.

Mahalik’s models are used in real time to optimize the marketing of Central Valley Project facilities in California and for near-term firm power purchase decisions for the Western Area Power Administration’s (Western) Colorado River Storage Project Office. He has conducted hydropower systems analyses for both Western and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, including economic evaluations of hydropower resources at the Glen Canyon Dam (AZ), Flaming Gorge Dam (UT), the Aspinall Cascade (CO) and the Central Valley Project (CO), as well as analyses in support of several environmental impact statements.

For the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), he performed analyses of the effects of plug-in and electric vehicle adoption on the operation of the electric power system across several areas of the U.S., and investigated the potential transition to a hydrogen-based personal transportation economy. Currently, he is developing a new tool for DOE to optimize hydropower day-ahead scheduling and real-time operations as part of the integrated Water Use Optimization Toolset project.

Publications and Patents

  • Software copyright, GTMax – Generation and Transmission Maximization Model
  • Software copyright, EMCAS – Electricity Market Complex Adaptive System
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