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Nicola Ferrier

Computer Scientist

Nicola Ferrier’s research interests include the use of computer vision (digital images) to control robots, machinery and devices, with applications as diverse as medical systems, manufacturing and projects that facilitate scientific discovery (such as her project using machine vision and robotics for plant phenotype studies). The use of visual feedback to control a robot, process or device is advantageous when precise fixturing (holding things in precise locations) is impractical or impossible.

Ferrier’s work has been applied to visual monitoring of polymer processing, visual control of crystal formation processes and visual monitoring of nano-scale assembly processes.

Previously, Ferrier was a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from 1996 to 2012.

Awards, Honors and Memberships

  • National Science Foundation Career Award, 1997
  • Vilas Associates Faculty Award, University of Wisconsin, 1999
  • Honored Instructor Award, University of Wisconsin, 2009

Publications and Patents

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  • U.S. Patent 7,314,363, “Device to visualize in-line and quantify the polymer melting in plasticating screw machines without significantly affecting its thermal regime”
  • U.S. Patent 7,916,935, “Systems and methods for automatically determining 3-dimensional object information and for controlling a process based on automatically-determined 3-dimensional object information”

Selected Professional Activities

  • Member,Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers