Argonne National Laboratory

Ray Bair portrait

Raymond Bair

Computational Scientist
- Computing, Environment and Life Sciences

Raymond Bair is a recognized expert in high-performance computing applications and facilities. His R&D combines deep knowledge of computer architectures with development and application of computational methods for high end computers. His specialty is the electronic structure of reacting molecules.

Ray develops strategic computational science programs and capabilities, contributes to next-generation supercomputer architectures, and designs and manages computing facilities.

As project director for Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, Ray planned Argonne’s first national supercomputing facility. In 2008 he became head of strategic planning for the Computing Environment and Life Sciences Directorate, where he helps shape computational science and future facilities to meet the growing needs of the Laboratory’s research missions. Ray also manages the Laboratory Computing Resource Center that provides mid-range supercomputing for the Laboratory’s basic and applied programs.

Earlier in his career at BioDesign, he lead development of interactive molecular modeling software for the pharmaceutical, chemical and polymer industries. Later, at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, he was responsible for development of capabilities for the new Molecular Science Computing Facility, including deployment of the inaugural supercomputer for DOE’s Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory.

Awards, Honors, and Memberships

  • Founding Chair, Challenges of Large Applications in Distributed Environments workshop series (CLADE)
  • Federal Laboratory Consortium Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer, in recognition of the development of a revolutionary collection of computational chemistry software, Molecular Science Software Suite, and its transfer to the private sector
  • Member of IEEE Computer Society, ACM, and Sigma Xi