Argonne National Laboratory

Seth Darling

- Center for Nanoscale Materials

Seth Darling’s current research blends chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering, and nanoscience to create and study materials for energy and water.

Recent studies have focused on design of next-generation solar energy devices, new architectures for water purification, and advanced lithography techniques based on sequential infiltration synthesis.

He serves as the Solar Energy Systems strategy leader for the laboratory and has developed new models of the economics and life cycle assessment of solar energy.

Awards, Honors and Memberships

  • University of Chicago 2014 Pinnacle of Education Award
  • R&D100 Award for SIS Lithography
  • Member of ACS, MRS, APS, and AVS
  • 2010 ACS Leadership Development Award
  • Glenn T. Seaborg Distinguished Fellowship
  • AVS Morton M. Traum Surface Science Award