Seth Darling, Scientist

Seth Darling

- Center for Nanoscale Materials

Seth Darling’s current research centers on investigations that develop understanding of nanoscale processes at interfaces with a focus on solar energy conversion. He aims to decipher and exploit the forces that govern both natural and directed hierarchical self-assembly to create technologically significant architectures incorporating electronically active materials.

Recent studies have included using lithographic patterning to guide the alignment of block copolymer domains, the incorporating inorganic materials into nanostructured polymer films, and the rational design of idealized morphologies for next generation organic and hybrid solar energy devices.

He also serves as the Solar Energy Systems strategy leader for the laboratory and has developed new models of the economics of solar energy.

Awards, Honors and Memberships

  • Member of ACS, MRS, APS, and AVS
  • 2010 ACS Leadership Development Award
  • Glenn T. Seaborg Distinguished Fellowship
  • AVS Morton M. Traum Surface Science Award
  • American Institute of Chemists Foundation Student Awardee
  • Chair, AVS Prairie Chapter