Argonne National Laboratory

Yoon Il Change

Yoon Il Chang

Argonne Distinguished Fellow
- Nuclear Engineering

Yoon Il Chang joined Argonne National Laboratory in 1974 and led the laboratory’s advanced reactor design and fuel cycle technology development activities.

Chang’s outstanding technical leadership was instrumental in the conception, definition and subsequent direction of integral fast reactor (IFR) development at Argonne. With the support of an innovative development team, he demonstrated to the national and international reactor community that advanced reactors of the IFR type are ideal for resolving every question that has been raised regarding next-generation nuclear power, particularly resource utilization, inherent passive safety, waste management, proliferation resistance and economics.

His numerous positions at Argonne include:

  • Argonne Distinguished Fellow, 2006-present
  • Associate Laboratory Director at Large, 2002-2006
  • Interim Laboratory Director, 1999-2000
  • Associate Laboratory Director for Engineering Research, 1998-2002
  • General Manager of the Integral Fast Reactor Program, 1984-1994
  • Director of  Large Pool Plant Project, 1982-84
  • Associate Director of the Applied Physics Division, 1978-1984

Awards, Honors and Memberships

  • Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award, Department of Energy, 1992
  • Walker Cisler Medal, American Nuclear Society, 1996
  • Fellow, American Nuclear Society, 1997

Publications and Patents

  • Technical Editor, “Status of Minor Actinide Fuel Development,” IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NF-T-4.6 (2009).
  • C. E. Till and Y. I. Chang, “Plentiful Energy: A Story of Integral Fast Reactor,” a book to be published in 2011.
  • Y. I. Chang, "Advanced Nuclear Energy System for the Twenty-First  Century," Keynote Speech, International Conference on the New Frontiers of Nuclear technology, Reactor Physics, Safety and High-Performance Computing, Seoul, Korea, October 7-10, 2002.
  • Y. I. Chang, "Status of Progress in IFR Development," ASME Joint International Power generation Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, October 2-5, 1994.
  • Y. I. Chang, "The Integral Fast Reactor," Nuclear Technology, Vol. 88, p. 129, November 1989.
  • Y. I. Chang and C. E. Till, "Design and Performance Characteristics of Alternative Fuels and Fuel Cycles," ANL-80-40 (1980).