Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council
To achieve the level of collaboration and partnership needed to make substantial scientific advancements, we know that diversity among participants enhances output.” – Brian Stephenson, Associate Laboratory Director, Photon Sciences

The Council serves as an advisory committee and provides recommendations to the Laboratory Director on diversity and inclusion initiatives and priorities. Council members include committed representatives from across the laboratory to champion efforts and promote best practices.

Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council:

Eric Isaacs
Laboratory Director
Office of the Director
Mark Peters
Deputy Laboratory
Director for Programs
Office of the Director
Seth Darling
Scientist and Fellow,
UChicago Institute for
Molecular Engineering
Nanoscience & Technology
Patricia Fernandez
Principal Technical
Beamline Specialist
APS Engineering Support
Donald Geesaman
Argonne Distinguished Fellow
Robin Graham
Deputy Associate
Laboratory Director
Computing, Environment
& Life Sciences
Kawtar Hafidi
Experimental Physicist
Cristina Negri
Principal Agronomist
Energy Systems
John Quintana
Deputy Chief
Operations Officer
Office of the Director
Tijana Rajh
Nanoscience & Technology
Erin Thomas
Gender Diversity Specialist
Office of the Director
Lynn Trahey
Chemical Sciences &