Argonne Site Environmental Reports

Since 1972, Argonne's has monitored the environment of its Illinois site and each year issued public reports on its findings.
The latest reports are available here. An archive of reports since 1972 is also available on request.

  • Summary Site Environmental Report 2013 — (PDF) This document summarizes in plain English the annual results of Argonne's ongoing site environmental monitoring and surveillance program.
  • Site Environmental Report 2013 — (37 MB, PDF) This document is Argonne's most recent annual report on environmental monitoring and clean-up activities.
  • Surveillance of Site A and Plot M 2013 — (2 MB, PDF) This document is an official annual report of environmental surveillance of Site A and Plot M at Red Gate Woods in the Cook County Forest Preserve. A number of small research reactors, including the world's first nuclear reactor, operated on this site from 1943 to the mid-1950s.