Argonne National Laboratory

FY 2015 Argonne Site Sustainability Plan

Argonne National Laboratory is committed to reducing its environmental footprint. Our site sustainability goals are in line with U.S. Department of Energy goals, outlined in Presidential Executive Order 13514.

Using a unique approach, Argonne’s Sustainability and Environmental Program works hand-in-hand with programmatic scientists and engineers to develop infrastructure and site-wide improvements that not only reduce the laboratory’s greenhouse gas emissions and energy and water usage, but also help support the laboratory’s scientific mission.

Argonne’s FY 2015 Site Sustainability Plan captures the progress we’ve made in FY 2014 towards meeting our sustainability goals. The plan also lays the foundation for the innovative solutions we will employ in FY 2015 to meet the challenges we face as we continue to carry our campus into a more sustainable, efficient and forward-thinking future.