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Changing Mindsets, Transforming Classrooms: Broadening Participation In STEM
Diversity: the art of thinking independently together. - Malcolm Forbes

Thank you to everyone for a successful event! The Changing Mindsets workshop not only broadened perspectives, but ignited hope. The conversations do not end here. Future opportunities will be provided if you are interested in joining in the conversation.

Argonne Education and Northwestern University’s Office of STEM Education Partnerships is pleased to announce a one-day workshop designed to begin a conversation on diversity in STEM Education. Open to middle and high school teachers and administrators, this workshop will focus on bridging research around gender and racial diversity in education to practical school and classroom strategies. The day will feature a keynote talk by Dr. Mary Murphy, Indiana University, on the idea of fixed vs. growth mindset and research about the impact of addressing mindset in the classroom as a way to reach more girls and students of color in STEM classrooms. The afternoon will feature Evanston Township High School Principal Marcus Campbell discussing how the district has embraced Critical Race Theory and implemented various strategies to address equity in education in innovative and sometimes controversial ways. Participants will engage in breakout sessions to discuss the practical implications of each of the research talks.

Date: June 29, 2015

Location: Evanston Township High School (Evanston, IL)

Time: 8:30 am - 4:15 pm

Cost: $25 per attendee

Audience: Middle and High School Teachers & Administrators

Lunch and a copy of Mindset: The New Phychology of Success are provided to each attendee.

Key Workshop Features

  • Designed to start a conversation 
  • Learn from experts in the field and the classroom 
  • Engage with fellow educators 
  • Discuss difficult issues 
  • Develop practical strategies for the classroom
  • Connect with Mindset: The New Psychology of Success book

Join Us In a Discussion About

  • How can I encourage more girls to be interested in STEM disciplines?
  • What is stereotype threat?
  • What are practical things that I can do in my classroom and school?
  • Does race and gender matter in the classroom?
  • How do I discuss issues of race and gender with my students?
  • What is institutionalized racism?
  • How can I prepare my students to persist in STEM fields that are predominantly white male environments?