Argonne National Laboratory

 Getting to Argonne

  • Drive south on Cass Avenue
  • Just south of I-55 turn right onto Northgate Road (just south of the Frontage Road)
  • As you approach the main Argonne entrance gate you will see the Visitor Reception Building (VRC) on your right – turn into the VRC parking lot
  • Everyone in your bus over the age of 16 must enter the VRC and obtain a pass at the reception desk

Visitor Check-in Procedure

  • After everyone over the age of 16 has obtained a gate pass and has re-boarded the bus pull out of the VRC parking lot and turn right to enter Argonne through the main gate
  • Gate passes and IDs of everyone over the age of 16 will be checked at the gate

Getting to Building 360

  • After passing through the main gate turn left – you are now on Outer Circle
  • Follow Outer Circle until you come to Southwood Drive and turn left
  • Follow Southwood Drive until you come to Rock Road and turn left
  • Almost immediately you will turn right into the parking area for Building 360
  • Continue towards Building 360 and turn left to come to a stop on the street in front of the covered walkway that leads to the main entrance of Building 360
  • Unload your class and lead them along the covered walkway and you will be met by an Argonne staff member