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Farm to Flight Virtual Resources
"Advanced biofuels are important to the aviation industry's sustainability, both as a way to diversify our fuel supply and lower our carbon footprint." - Jimmy Samartzis, United Airlines

The national push to reduce dependence of fossil fuels has raised awareness across all industries. The airline industry has recently convened scientific and industry experts to explore the issue. Argonne National Laboratory and IBio Institute Educate Center has developed a 4 week curriculum, Farm to Flight - Can Biofuels Green Aviation? exploring this real world challenge. Below are virtual resources that support the curriculum through policy statements, scientific background and career connections. 

General Resources

Learning Set 1: The Problem Challenge - Can Biofuels Green Aviation?

Learning Set 2: The Chemistry of Combustion: Are All Liquid Fuels Created Equal?

Learning Set 3: Exploring Biodiesel: How Does It Compare with Other Fuels?

Learning Set 4: Aviation Technology and Feasibility: Can Jets and Airplanes Use Biofuels?

Learning Set 5: Articulating Thinking: Can Biofuels Green Aviation?