Argonne National Laboratory

Lou Harnisch

Teacher Lead

Lou Harnisch is the lead for middle school and teacher programs that focus on inspiring pre-college age students in engineering and science.  He develops programs and resources for both students and teachers that help enhance the classroom learning experience in grades 5 – 12. Harnisch runs the Exemplary Student Research Program and the Sustainability and Nanoscience workshops for teachers. Recently, Harnisch has coordinated the DOE Visiting Faculty Program and the Argonne Undergraduate Symposium. Prior to working at Argonne, he taught high school and community college science for over 25 years.

Harnisch is a recipient of a 2005 Argonne Pacesetter Award and a 2012 DOE Sustainability Program Award. He has a M.S. in biological sciences from Chicago State University and a B.A. in secondary science teaching from Concordia University.