Argonne National Laboratory

Our Mission

Employing world class facilities, we apply unique expertise in science, engineering, and information systems to deliver environmentally sound solutions to our greatest challenges in energy access and global security.

Our Vision

Lead the world in providing energy technology and security solutions that enable a more prosperous, secure, and resilient future.

Our Goals

The goals of the Energy and Global Security directorate are to:

  • Reduce world dependence on fossil energy by developing technologies that increase clean energy supplies and enhance the efficient use of energy and natural resources.
  • Enable the realization of nuclear energy as a carbon-free energy source that is costcompetitive, safe, and secure.
  • Leverage Argonne’s science, engineering, and analysis expertise to prevent misuse of nuclear, biological, chemical materials, and cyber technology; build secure and resilient infrastructure; and produce new energy solutions for national security operations.
  • Provide trustworthy, actionable analysis to – Protect physical and cyber infrastructure.
    • Prevent misuse of nuclear, chemical, and biological materials or technology.
    • Prevent and mitigate actions, both natural and deliberate, that would result in mass destruction, disruption, or suffering.
    • Minimize risks to our environment and economic well being.
    • Promote advanced energy systems.