Argonne National Laboratory

Delivering environmentally sound solutions to our greatest challenges in energy access and global security

Argonne's Energy and Global Security (EGS) directorate is taking on unprecedented challenges as it addresses domestic and global sustainable energy and security. Leveraging collaborations with other researchers at Argonne as well as with experts from industry, academia and other government laboratories, the EGS directorate's scientists and engineers deliver innovative research and technologies that enable access to affordable, environmentally clean energy and limit the risk from diverse threats to national and global security.

Having reliable, clean, and affordable energy sources is a matter of urgent national importance. Argonne is committed to focused research and development on a broad portfolio of sustainable and clean energy technologies. The national goal of doubling the generation of renewable energy in the next three years will require next-generation technologies and efficiencies with real innovations in materials, chemistry and engineering. Innovations in vehicular and grid-scale energy storage technologies and alternative energy sources are all required to achieve this goal.

Enhancing our national and homeland security requires substantial technological advancements ranging from clearly identified needs in sensor and detector development, nuclear forensics, infrastructure assurance, risk and vulnerability assessments, and even cyber security. Argonne pursues innovation in national security technologies with novel application of research, development, and engineering expertise to specific security and defense requirements.