Winter Road Closings

Under the Seasonal Closure Plan for roads and parking lots, several areas will be closed for the entire winter season while other areas will be cleared within a few days after the end of a winter storm. All three of the laboratory’s entrance gates will remain open according to their normal operating schedules during the winter season.

Areas that will remain closed during the entire winter season are as follows:

  • The parallelogram parking lot near Old Bluff Road north of Buildings 360 and 362,
  • Bluff Road north of Building 360 and 362 parking areas,
  • The gravel drive west of Building 205,
  • The north parking lot west of Building 206,
  • The parking lot north of Building 350, and
  • Partial parking lot closures north of Buildings 208 and 202, east of Building 202 and west of Building 306.

The following areas will be temporarily closed during winter storms; they will be cleared within a few days after the storm but will not be salted.

  • The affected roads are: Water Tower, Tech and Central.
  • The parking lots include the paved areas east of Building 046 and the paved area southwest of Building 375. 

These roads and parking lots will remain closed until precipitation clears, the surfaces dry naturally and they are deemed safe to use.

Please note: indication of tire tracks does not mean that a road or parking lot is open and accessible. Security, emergency or utility vehicles may bypass the barricades as necessary, but all others are prohibited from doing so. Driving around barricades may result in a Traffic Safety Violation ticket and/or disciplinary action. Barricades will be removed when the roads and parking lots have been cleared and are open for traffic.