Argonne National Laboratory

Password Advice

The Computing and Information Systems Division provides services to holders of valid accounts. To ensure that those who use Laboratory computing services are who they claim to be, passwords are required for many of Argonne's computer systems. The following are general requirements for using passwords:

  • Change your password at your first logon and at least every six months afterwards.
  • Do not share or divulge your password.
  • If you believe your password has been compromised, change it immediately
  • Inform the Cyber Security Program Manager if:
    • You have access to sensitive information, and you believe your password has been compromised.
    • You believe Laboratory cyber security mechanisms are not working properly.
    • You suspect that someone is deliberately trying to break into Argonne computing systems.

Selecting A Password

What to Use

  • Something that is easy for you to remember
  • At least eight characters (you can use more if you wish)
  • A combination of letters, numbers, and special characters (e.g., $ * @).
    • At least one special character in the first 7 positions
    • Non-numeric first and last characters
  • A combination of uppercase (capital) and lowercase letters
  • Possibly an acronym derived from the first letter of each word of your favorite quotation

What Not to Use

  • Note: Percent sign (%) may prevent login to certain Argonne applications.
  • Any word in a dictionary (or simple permutation), including:
    • Single word
    • Word followed by digits
    • Word followed by digits followed by a single letter
    • Digits followed by word
    • Single letter followed by digits followed by word
  • Your name in any form: first, middle, last, maiden, spelled backwards, nickname, or initials
  • Your username or your username spelled backwards
  • Your phone or office number, address, birthday, or anniversary
  • Your license plate number, Social Security number, or any all-numeral password
  • Any words or names spelled forward, backward, or in a foreign language
  • All the same letter or letter sequences found on keyboards

Check your password choice to ensure that it meets these guidelines.