Argonne National Laboratory

Telephone Service
Forward your telephone calls to an alternate number and access your voice mail from off-site.

Host a Conference Call

All employees can use BlueJeans to host conference calls

You can also request a conference call setup by submitting an online request to the phone operators at least 1 hour before the conference start time. Requests are processed and confirmations are sent during normal business hours. You will also need to supply an Argonne cost code.

Forward Your Telephone Calls

Depending on what model of phone you have, you can send your incoming Argonne calls to another telephone.

  • On an EADS Telecom STE model
    • To turn call fowarding on, press *3 and enter the destination telepone number.
    • To discontinue call forwarding, press *3 again.
  • On an EADS Telecom ITE30-SD model
    • To turn call fowarding on, press the CALL FWRD button. After you hear two beeps, enter the destination number. The Call Forward light will turn on.
    • To discontinue call forwarding, press the CALL FWRD button. The Call Forward light will turn off.

Using Voice Mail

Access Your Voice Mailbox

To access your Argonne voice mailbox from other telephones:

  1. Dial 630-252-4747 (or 2-4747 from another onsite telephone).
  2. When you hear the greeting, press the pound (#) key on your telephone
  3. Enter your 5-digit mailbox number (2 + your extension number)
  4. Enter your password and press the pound (#) key.
  5. You will hear the voice mail menu.

Send Notification to Your Home or Cell Phone

The Notification Entry feature allows you to send a notification to another phone number based on various conditions. For example, you can instruct the Argonne voice mail system to call you on your home or cell phone Monday through Friday between 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. to let you know if you have received any messages.

  1. Access your voice mailbox (see above or press *5 on your Argonne telephone)
  2. Press 4 for mailbox options, then press 2 for notification menu options.
  3. Press 1. The system prompts you to add a notification telephone number.
  4. Enter the telephone number you want to be notified at the following prompts.
    For example:
    Country Code > 1 (USA), then press the pound (#) key
    Area Code > 630, then press the pound (#) key
    Telephone number > 789-1234, then press the pound (#) key
  5. The system repeats the number and then prompts you to press 1 to confirm the notification telephone entry or press 2 to re-enter the number.
  6. The system prompts you to press 1 if this is a beeper number or press 2 if this is a telephone number.
  7. Enter the 4-digit start time for message notification in military format (hhmm).
    For example:
    For 8:00 a.m., enter 0800
    For 5:00 p.m., enter 1700
  8. Enter the 4-digit start date for message notification (mmdd). You may enter date in month/day (mmdd) format or the day of the week:
    Monday = *100
    Tuesday = *200
    Wednesday = *300
    Thursday = *400
    Friday = *500
    Saturday = *600
    Sunday = *700
  9. Enter the 4-digit stop time (hhmm) for message notification.
  10. Enter the 4-digit stop date (mmdd), for message notification.
  11. The system repeats the notification and then returns you to the notification menu.
  12. When the notification entry has been completed, the “on/off status” of this call setup for alerting you is turned on. To verify the status or turn it on/off from the notification menu, press 5.