Web Conferencing with Adobe Connect

Argonne uses Adobe Connect, which provides a media-rich, virtual collaboration environment where employees can interact among themselves and with external participants. All full-time Argonne employees are eligible for this service. Meeting hosts must be Argonne employees.

Argonne's license provides for a total of 50 users in concurrent individual meetings as well as up to 200 users in a single seminar room.

  • Individual meetings are intended for small groups, and they allow for more than one presenter. We can host as many as we wish, as along as the total number of attendees in all meetings at any point in time does not exceed 50.
  • The seminar room is meant for situations in which one person is presenting and many are listening. The seminar room can be subdivided into smaller seminars (say two seminars of 100 participants each), but cannot exceed a total of 200 users at any one time.

Users are expected to set up and run their own sessions. Minimal assistance will be provided by local systems administration staff and the CIS Help Desk. Support is provided through online documentation.

Service guarantee is best-effort only and therefore should not be used in conjunction with safety-related systems or activities, emergency management, monitoring of critical systems, or systems with compliance requirements. Keep in mind the security of your content as this is an hosted service, and files are kept on an external server.

Obtaining an Account

You will need an Adobe Connect account. This is different from your ANL domain account. Argonne employees can send e-mail to help@anl.gov or call the CIS Help Desk at 2-9999, option 2.

Setting Up Meetings

The following steps are required for setting up a meeting:

  1. Set up the audio (voice) component for the meeting (see below).
  2. Set up the meeting in Adobe Connect.

Setting Up an Audio Connection

Audio integration in Adobe Connect is available through PGiMeet. This service will automatically create an audio telephone conference call for any of your web conferences. New users of Adobe Connect are automatically issued PGiMeet accounts. If you do not have an account, contact the CIS Help Desk.

Conference calls that exceed the capability of PGiMeet or require advanced or customized conferencing features can be arranged by contacting the CISĀ  Help Desk.

To configure your Adobe Connect account to use your audio conference account, do the following:

  • Log into your Adobe Connect account at https://anl.adobeconnect.com.
  • Click My Profile in the upper righthand corner of the screen
  • Select Premiere for the audio bridge
  • Enter the following information that was provided when your Premiere account was issued: (a) Client ID, (b) Web Password, and (c) Moderator (Host) Passcode.