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Advanced Combustion

Advanced Combustion

Combustion engines drive a large percentage of our nation’s transportation vehicles and power generation and manufacturing facilities. Today’s combustion engines rely heavily on non-renewable petroleum-based fuels that produce harmful emissions and carbon dioxide. Understanding how those engines work and developing approaches to improving them requires unique multidisciplinary expertise and sophisticated facilities that are available together only at Argonne National Laboratory. Engine and vehicle manufacturers turn to Argonne for assistance with a wide range of combustion challenges and Argonne consistently delivers the sorts of results that will move our nation toward the use of cleaner, more energy-independent engines for transportation, power generation and manufacturing applications.


Fuel Spray Analysis

Visualizing the flow inside the engine's fuel injector nozzle using X-ray beams at the Advanced Photon Source

Multi-Dimensional Modeling

Modeling, simulation and optimization of internal combustion engines using advanced transportation biofuels to enhance the science for clean energy in the 21st century

Virtual Engine Research Institute and Fuels Initiative

VERIFI is the first and only source in the world for high-fidelity, three-dimensional, end-to-end, combustion engine simulation/visualization, simultaneous powertrain and fuel simulation, with uncertainty quantification