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Advanced Vehicle Technologies

Advanced Vehicle Technologies

Reducing consumption of petroleum-based fuels and cutting emissions requires a multi-pronged research effort that encompasses analysis, modeling, experimentation and laboratory testing. Backed by unparalleled research facilities, Argonne’s talented multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers are working to solve the large and small challenges associated with developing improved vehicle drivetrain designs, new materials, better fuels and better processes to support our nation’s transition to a cleaner, more sustainable transportation future.


Vehicle and Component Benchmarking

Conducting vehicle benchmarking and testing activities that provide data critical to the development and commercialization of next-generation vehicles

Vehicle Electrification

Advancing the future of electric vehicles by developing battery technologies that can increase the range, reliability and safety of electric vehicles while also reducing their cost

Vehicle Thermal Management

Simulating a range of wide external temperatures in order to study the impact of temperature on the performance of advanced technology vehicles