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Engines and Fuels

Engines and Fuels

Argonne’s Engines and Fuels research focuses on understanding the interactions between fuels and engines in order to maximize the benefits available through optimization as well as to enable multi-fuel capability.

Argonne researchers apply their expertise in the areas of combustion chemistry, fuel spray characterization, combustion system design, controls, and in-cylinder sensing as well as emissions control. A team of experts spanning a range of disciplines including mechanical engineers, physicists, chemists, and computer scientists collaborate in the co-development of innovative internal combustion engine concepts and alternative fuels. The laboratory’s state-of-the-art testing and simulation capabilities provide support for these efforts.


Engine Technology 
Providing the knowledge, tools and insight needed to make effective next-generation engine technologies a reality

Understanding how combustion engines work and developing approaches to improving them 

Simulation and Analysis  
Developing many of the novel tools and approaches to simulating, modeling, and analyzing the processes going on in engines 

Assessing fuel options to displace fossil fuels with bio-derived as well as other domestically sourced alternatives