Argonne National Laboratory

Photo of Greg Krumdick

Greg Krumdick

Manager, Materials Engineering and Research Facility (MERF) & Group Leader, Principal Systems Engineer & Senior Fellow, Northwestern Argonne Institute for Science and Engineering

Greg Krumdick manages Argonne National Laboratory’s Materials Engineering Research Facility (MERF). He has been the principal investigator and lead engineer on numerous industrial process scale-up projects. Krumdick holds numerous patents and has earned three R&D 100 awards and a Federal Laboratory Consortium award for technology transfer.

Krumdick designed and helped establish the MERF and today, he leads Argonne’s process development and scale-up programs in the Energy Systems division. Krumdick and his team have successfully scaled over 20 advanced battery materials and collaborated with numerous corporations, national laboratories, universities and industrial partners.

He earned his M.S. degree in Bioengineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago, focusing on process control systems.