Argonne National Laboratory

Stephen A. Ciatti

Principal Mechanical Engineer - Technical Lead

Stephen is a Mechanical Engineer who has worked since 1990 operating and applying diagnostic tools to engine combustion - in academia, industry and government laboratories.  Stephen’s current research involves novel combustion approaches to create high efficiency, low emissions engines utilizing the principles of Low Temperature Combustion (LTC).  He has frequently been invited to give presentations and seminars on LTC and advanced engine technology, both within the United States and internationally, with over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and publications.  He has also contributed several magazine articles and blogs on the topics of advanced combustion and engine technology, including the use of passive optical diagnostics using endoscopes in engines.

Prior to developing novel LTC approaches, Stephen’s work at Argonne included development of hydrogen combustion technology and imaging diagnostics in partnership with Ford Motor Company and BMW, work in the Argonne APS for fuel injector diagnostics using X-rays, and work with locomotive research engines in the EMD facility.  Stephen’s industrial experience in working with engine combustion includes positions at Burlington Northern Railroad as a locomotive maintenance supervisor and a position at Northwest Airlines as a Powerplant Engineer.