Argonne National Laboratory

Zhangcai Qin

Assistant Scientist

Dr. Zhangcai Qin is an Assistant Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory. He holds a PhD in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences from Purdue University. His research interests lie in the broad area of energy, ecology, and environment. He has worked on developing ecosystem models to understand biogeochemical and biophysical cycling (e.g., carbon, nitrogen, and water) in the Earth system. He is currently working on multiple projects related to environmental impact assessment, by using economic, ecosystem and life-cycle models. He developed ecosystem and life-cycle models (modules) to study various topics such as crop/biomass productivity, water resources, land use change, soil carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, N2O, and CH4), and climate change mitigation. His studies employ empirical evidence, analytical tools, and data-driven models to understand societal and environmental issues in a global context.  

Dr. Qin is the author of 20+ publications and the Lead Editor of an AGU Book. He serves on Editorial Board of GCB Bioenergy and Review Board of 30+ international journals/ institutes. He is also an active consultant for government, NGO, and industry in the area. 

Research Expertise and Interests

  • Ecosystem modeling, remote sensing
  • Land use change, greenhouse gas emissions
  • Biofuel development and life-cycle environmental impacts