Argonne National Laboratory

Zifeng Lu

Assistant Energy/Environmental Engineer

Zifeng Lu is an Assistant Energy and Environmental Engineer at Argonne National Laboratory. Dr. Lu specializes in the development of emission inventories of air pollutants in multiple spatial (e.g., local, regional, and global) and temporal (e.g., past, present, and future) scales. His research interests include emission characteristics and control measures of air pollutants, environmental impacts of anthropogenic emissions, and emission evaluation and improvement through assimilation of ground-, aircraft-, and satellite-based observations and chemical transport model simulations.

He led or contributed to emission inventories development of several NASA and USDOE field campaigns, including ARCTAS, SEAC4RS, and GVAX, to support pre-mission flight planning and post-mission data analysis. He also compiled global emission datasets of primary carbonaceous aerosols and their precursors for the NASA MAP program to support the GOCART model simulation. His Indian inventories were selected as preferred emission data to support model inter-comparison studies and evaluate strengths and weaknesses of current emission inventories in Asia (MICS-Asia program).

He has authored or co-authored 41 peer-reviewed journal publications, 5 books/book chapters, and more than 30 conference papers and presentations, including the UNEP report on black carbon and tropospheric ozone assessment and the UNECE report on hemispheric transport of air pollution (HTAP).