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Engine Technology

Engine Technology

Engines are central to efforts aimed at improving fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. Together with fuels, engine technology is a key part of the transportation revolution underway throughout the world.

From new approaches to traditional internal combustion engines to dual-fuel engines, novel emissions control systems, and innovative ignition strategies, Argonne’s team of engine technology experts provides the knowledge, tools, and insight needed to make effective next-generation engine technologies a reality.


Dual-Fuel Combustion
Investigating the operation of dual-fuel engines on two fuels simultaneously to provide the optimum fuel for each specific operating condition

Emissions Control
Characterizing particulate matter from numerous combustion sources and developing diesel and gasoline particulate filters

Ignition Systems
Developing and evaluating advanced technologies that offer superior and reliable ignition performance for vehicle and stationary engines

Locomotive Engines
Enabling development of locomotive engine technology that meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emission standards, while providing better fuel economy and high engine performance