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Integrated Distribution Management Systems

TitleIntegrated Distribution Management Systems
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2017
Corporate AuthorsArgonne National Laboratory, Reilly Associates, Electric Power Research Institute
Document NumberANL/ESD-17/16
Date Published06/2017
InstitutionArgonne National Laboratory
CityLemont, IL USA
Report NumberANL/ESD-17/16
AbstractThe proliferation of Distributed Energy Re sources (DERs) and microgrids connected to electrical distribution networks is creating a need for commun ications and control by utilities through enhanced functionality of energy management systems. Currently, DERs and microgrids are managed as separate entities, with minimal or non-existent communication across the point of interconnection with the utility network. The efficient, stable, reliable and resilient operation of the electric distributio n system requires an integrated approach that allows various systems to work in harmony, specifically distribution management systems (DMSs) and Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS s) for DERs and microgrids. The electrical distribution system requires an integrated system approach for DMSs, DERs, and microgrids to work together in harmony. In order to facilitate this integration and meet the requirements of different stakeholders including utilities, DMS and DER technology vendors, aggregators, and microgrid owners/operators, this report 1) delivers an architecture for an integrated system (including functions, communication, control, and in teroperability); 2) presents principles for interactive relationships between different components of the distribution system and DERs; and 3) closes gaps with respect to the integration of DMSs, DERs, and microgrids. This report is based on the findings of the “Structuring DMS Project, Phase 1.”