Argonne National Laboratory

Smart Grid
Argonne researchers are working to create new, more powerful technology for long-distance transmission of renewable electricity, to balance rural supply and urban demand, and to integrate wind- and solar-generated electricity into the grid.

Argonne is moving the smart grid from concept to reality, ensuring that this technology will interact seamlessly with new plug-in and electric cars. The smart grid is a key element in the national plan to lower energy costs for consumers, achieve energy independence and reduce greenhouse gases.

The smart grid — an updated, futuristic electric power grid — will employ real-time, two-way communication technologies that allow consumers to connect directly with power suppliers. Customers will be able to choose where their electricity comes from and when they want it delivered.

Using the creativity of its transportation scientists and engineers, Argonne is taking the lead in creating vehicle component technologies, conducting infrastructure assessments and decision analyses and creating standards for the grid on both national and global levels.