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Advances in the Search for Radium’s EDM

Physics Colloquium
Matthew Dietrich (PHY)
January 5, 2018 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Building 203

Abstract: Electric dipole moments (EDMs) are signatures of time-reversal, parity, and charge-parity (CP) violation, which makes them a sensitive probe of expected physics Beyond the Standard Model (BSM), such as supersymmetry. This is because new, undiscovered sources of CP violation are needed to explain the existence of all matter in the universe. It large nuclear octupole deformation and high atomic mass make the radioactive Ra-225 isotope a favorable EDM case; it is particularly sensitive to CP-violating interactions in the nucleus. To measure this rare isotope, we have developed an approach to measuring EDMs by using lasers to cool those atoms to 40 micro-Kelvins, and then we trap those atoms in an optical dipole trap. Using this method, we have found the EDM of radium to be less than 1.4 × 10-23 e-cm (95% C.L.). Upcoming improvements are expected to dramatically improve our sensitivity, and significantly improve on the search for new physics in several sectors. Progress on these upgrades, along with some potential impacts on BSM physics will be discussed.