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Adventures in Pro-Nuclear Advocacy

Andrea Jennetta, Publisher of Fuel Cycle Week
February 10, 2014 10:30AM to 11:30AM
Building 203
Politics is nuclear energy's ONLY issue. That's why nuclear energy professionals need to start showing up and speaking out.

About the Presenter:
Andrea Jennetta is the publisher of Fuel Cycle Week. She has almost 25 years working in the nuclear fuel cycle. She has held policy analyst positions at nuclear consulting firms before joining NYNCO to manage its FUEL publications. In 2002, Andrea founded FCW, the only nuclear industry publication with a sense of humor and discernible opinions. Today she pens Nuclear Buzz, a column on the wacky world of uranium and anything else in the global industry that merits ridicule or praise.

About Fuel Cycle Week:
Fuel Cycle Week, the premier nuclear business newsletter based in Washington, D.C., is not your typical industry publication. Instead, it is fresh, lively and unconventional, filled with straight industry news leavened with critical analysis, informed opinion and humor.