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Better Understanding of Small-angle Scattering from Round-Robin Measurements

XSD/CMS Special Presentation
Adrian Rennie, Uppsala University, Sweden
April 5, 2013 10:00AM to 11:00AM
Building 433
Measuring a well-characterized sample with a number of instruments can provide different data: this allows us to understand more about the technique and identify possible problems with methods and analysis. Round spherical particles are one of the simplest model systems for small-angle scattering. A recent round-robin with polystyrene latex samples has identified a number of points that are important as regards interpretation and accuracy of derived parameters.

In small-angle neutron scattering, resolution and multiple scattering can both be significant even for dilute samples and may alter the fitted polydispersity. Some issues with detector calibration and data reduction software have been identified. The comparison of neutron and X-ray data can be very helpful. The latter provides different information as the contrast is low.