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Bioinformatics: Computational Approach to Explore the Human Genome

NST Nanoscience Seminar
Younghee Lee, The University of Chicago
March 8, 2013 2:00PM to 3:00PM
Building 440, Room A105-106
Since the International Hap Map Project successfully completed sequencing the human genome, which is composed of 30 billion nucleotides, the size of biological data has exponentially grown and much of this data has become publicly available. Modern biological research is aided by informatics science that promotes to identify genetic variation hidden among the 30 billion nucleotides by exploring huge amounts of biology-related data. Therefore, the use of computational resources has become inevitable in biological science and computational approaches have contributed to our understanding of biological processes at the system-level for human diseases. This talk will give an introduction of bioinformatics and how computational approaches can be applied for underlining biological phenomena.