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Dark Matter in a Weakly Coupled Universe

November 16, 2012 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Susan Gardner, University of Kentucky
Building 203
Physics Division Colloquium
The LHC may well have discovered a Higgs boson of some 126 GeV in mass, giving mass to the matter we know in a perturbatively calculable context. In contrast, dark matter, whatever it may be, is not part of the standard model of particle interactions, though its energy fraction in the cosmos today exceeds that of ordinary matter by a factor of a few. It is nevertheless still possible that baryonic matter and dark matter have a hidden common origin, so that dark matter would possess a cosmic particle-antiparticle asymmetry just as baryons do. I will describe observational and experimental tests of this scenario based on the Faraday rotation of light upon its passage through dark matter.