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Defect Controlled Preparation of Graphene

NST/MSD Seminar
Seokwoo Jeon, KAIST
June 28, 2013 2:00PM to 3:00PM
Building 440
This seminar will take place in Building 440, Conference Room S-105.

The seminar is presented jointly by the Nanoscience and Technology Division and the Materials Science Division.

2D materials with atomic thickness such as graphene and boron nitride can serve as high performance fillers in polymer, or metal, matrices and potentially improve the thermal, electrical, and mechanical properties of composites. To realize true improvement of the composite properties, two issues should be overcome. The first is the synthesis of high quality graphene with low defects and the second is the uniform dispersion of the synthesized graphene in composite matrix without further damage which can be caused by covalent functionalization methods. Here I present various approaches to prepare non-oxidized graphene flakes with non-covalent functionalizations that minimize defects and preserve intrinsic material properties of graphene with good dispersion characteristics.