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The Development of Multilayer-Laue-Lens Based Scanning Microscope for Hard X-ray Nanoprobe at NSLS-II

XSD/OPT Special Presentation
Hanfei Yan, Brookhaven National Laboratory
November 5, 2013 1:30PM to 2:30PM
Building 431
Scanning hard x-ray microscopy has attracted enormous scientific interests in material, environmental and life sciences because of the high penetrating power of hard x-ray through thick specimen and the multi-modality of imaging contrast for elemental, chemical and structural information. In major synchrotron facilities over the world, many hard x-ray nanoprobe beamlines utilizing different types of nanofocusing optics have been or are being developed to achieve a high spatial resolution.

At the hard x-ray nanoprobe beamline (HXN) of NSLS-II, we pursued the approach of multilayer-Laue-lens (MLL) to achieve a spatial resolution of 10 nm with an optical scheme still keeping sufficient flux and working distance for accommodating a great variety of scientific applications. Many grand challenges have to be overcome in order to achieve this ambitious goal. Here I will give an overview of the recent progress on the development of optics, instrumentation and imaging technique for MLL microscope at NSLS-II, including the achievement of 11-nm focus by a MLL with 43 um aperture and a new differential-phase-contrast algorithm. I'll also present a few scientific applications using MLL microscope.