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Development Testing of the Global Climate Model CESM/CAM

ALCF Seminar
Chris A. Fischer, National Center for Atmospheric Research
December 16, 2013 10:30AM to 11:30AM
Building 240, Room 4301
The Community Earth System Model (CESM) and Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) are community models involving several different developers. With so many different developers it becomes imperative to carry out continuous testing during development. I’ll provide a brief introduction to CESM and CAM then cover the testing that is being carried out on both.

The Community Earth System Model (CESM) is a global climate model used to predict past, present and future climates. CESM is a fully couple model, coupling an atmosphere, land, sea ice, and ocean model. The Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) is the active atmosphere model component of CESM. There are over 10,000 possible different configurations given the support resolutions and component configurations. When one of these configurations is broken, we need to know about it so we can fix it.