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Dynamic Compression of Condensed Matter: Recent Advances and Future Opportunities

APS Colloquium
Yogendra M. Gupta, Regents Professor, Washington State University
September 4, 2013 3:00PM to 4:00PM
Building 402, Auditorium
Advances in dynamic compression capabilities (shock wave and shockless compression) can now routinely produce the most extreme thermo-mechanical states in bulk materials. These extreme states of matter are of interest to a broad range of scientific disciplines: condensed matter physics and chemistry, materials science, earth and planetary sciences, dense and non-ideal plasma physics, and astrophysics. Scientific efforts are underway to achieve fusion in inertially-confined experiments.

In adddition to producing extreme states of matter, dynamic compression experiments provide a unique opportunity to examine and explore real time changes in material states to gain mechanistic insight into physical and chemical pheomena. Despite major experimental and computational achievements to date, scientfifc progress toward mechanistic understanding has been limited by the lack of time-resolved measurements at microscopic scales.

Modern X-ray sources (APS, LCLS, etc.) are well suited for achieving the desired microscopic information in dynamic compression experiments. As such, linking X-ray capabilites to dynamic compression experiments is an exciting path forward to understand condensed matter dynamics. Using representative examples, this presentation will summarize the scientific challenges, recent advances, and future opportunities in dynamic compression of materials.

Professor Yogendra Gupta completed his Ph.D. at Washington State University (WSU) in 1972. Prior to his appointment at WSU and Brown University, he spent nearly seven years at the Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International) as a Physicist, Senior Physicist and Assistant Director in the Poulter Laboratory. In September of 1981, Dr. Gupta joined the Department of Physics at WSU as an Associate Professor, and has been a Professor of Physics since 1984. Dr. Gupta is also the Director of the Institute for Shock Physics.