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Electromagnetics: Science and Engineering

S. Allen Liao, NE
April 18, 2013 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Building 203, Room D120
Electromagnetics (EM) research is a broad topic that spans across areas of science, engineering and applications with spectrum ranging from the low end RF to the high end coherent X-ray. Although governed by the same Maxwell's equations, EM waves of different wavelengths require very different engineering treatments.

This seminar will discuss Dr. Liao’s >10 years' of research on EM science and engineering with 3 institutes:

  • Ph.D. research at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (2001-2008);
  • postdoctoral research at the Research Foundation, the City University of New York (2008-2010);
  • and current postdoctoral research here at Argonne (2010-present).

The EM spectrum ranges from RF to THz and even gamma ray nuclear radiation. Research projects include millimeter-wave high-power vacuum tube source gyrotron; microwave multiple scattering physics inside complex media; high-power RF/microwave klystron or millimeter-wave gyrotron air breakdown remote detection of gamma ray nuclear materials; passive millimeter-wave spectroscopy and imaging for remote sensing; and the patent-pending novel millimeter/THz wave Doppler radar architecture. Other EM applications such as wave optics for coherent synchrotron x-ray sources available at Argonne's APS will also be discussed.